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Kara and Ben, 2016Melinda and Tim, 2016Laura and Matt, Jan. 9, 2016Chris and MalloryMaggie and Patrick, 2015Melanie and Daniel, July 11,2015Josh and Marie June 27, 2015Adam and Eleanor, 2015Jon and Lindsay, 2015Jackie and Mike, 2016Tom and Julie, 2016Brianna and Matthew, 2016Meg and Andrew, Friday, Aug. 5th, 2016Meg and Andrew, SaturdayPoitevint PropertyWinstead-Thompson AlbumKaitlin and Shawn, engagement, 2016Dustin and Curry, Rehearsal Day, 2016Dustin and Curry, Wedding Day, 2016Book for Kiz-not my photos...Megs Album #1Kaeti and Nick, 2017Kaeti and Nick, ACCMelissa, 2017Jesse & Raine, 2017Shawn and Kaitlin, 2017Meg and Chris, 2017Anna Corley and TLPat and Carolyn's 50thSneak PeekAnna-Corley and TLJulie and Sam, 2017Oak Ridge StudioErin and James, 2017Little KingsKaren and Ken, 2018Kristina and Grayson, 2018Chris and Meg, 2018Meg and Chris, 5-26-18Noortje and Pierre, 2018Leigh Ann